cajun then, now, and forever!

Official Flag of the Acadian / Cajun People

Cajun then

Cajun culture derives from french colonizers in the land they called Acadia located in regions of modern-day Canada.

After a series of brutal wars between France and Britain in the early 1700s, the land of Acadia was under the jurisdiction of Britain.

During this time the french-speaking Acadians were frequently asked to conform to British culture and society, giving up their heritage, language, and way of life.

After rejecting this for many years, the British forcefully removed the Acadian population from their land, being relocated to various colonies of the soon-to-be United States.

Many of the Acadians were given harsh treatment on their passage and expulsion from Acadia, many not surviving the perilous journey.

Yet the culture they had built up over decades had persevered the harsh conditions when certain Acadians were sent back to France and allowed to re-settle the land we know today as Louisana.

Those who resettled the land kept the traditions and french dialect of their ancestors. To this day the characteristics of the Cajuns remain rooted in Acadian values and traditions such as a strong sense of family.

Cajun now

The Cajun dialect and way of life has struggled since the 1900s due to pressure to conform to english speaking american nationalistic values, yet the Cajun people persist.

The Cajun culture has seen a renesiance sparked by governmental institutions seeking to fix the past and highlight how diverse the United States is as a country by showcasing cultures like the Cajuns and Creoles of Louisiana.

Cajun culture today is growing and thriving despite past ridicule, harassment, and discrimination. The morals of the Cajun people live on in bustling businesses, tasty food, and one-of-a-kind music.

Cajun forever

We invite y’all to be apart of our krazy cajun culture and support our way of doing things thats unique to Acadian values and traditions!

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